Anaheim Search Engine Optimization

Thu, Feb 10, 2011

Anaheim Search Engine Optimization

Anaheim is the second-largest city in Ocean County, with some of the OC’s most thriving businesses. Are you ready for the competition – and for success? We’ll get you there using Anaheim Search Engine Optimization tailored to you.

Your Time is Valuable
As a local business just like you, we know what a juggling act it can be to try to monitor your online presence while catering to customers, hiring employees, keeping the books and keeping your site up-to-date.

You work hard on growing your business’s online presence. You’re dedicated and willing to do what it takes to earn your company top SEO rankings. But with SEO methods constantly updating (and search engines’ rules on what’s permissible constantly changing), a busy site owner doesn’t always have the time to watch the site and keep it Number One.

Let a specialized, personal Anaheim SEO executive take the work out of your hands so you can do what’s important on-site: grow and maintain your business.

Your time is valuable. And we’ll save you lots of it…while bringing the results you’ve been dreaming of to make your business really thrive.

Who Are We?
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon Olsen, the CEO of Solutions Monkey.

Call me – and I mean that. You won’t be passed from exec to exec in an endless corporate shuffle when you call Solutions Monkey.

Why? Because we’re a local business, just like you. We know how it is to have a new “stranger” try to help us with every new phone call. It didn’t work for us in the past. So why would it work for you?

There’s nothing like a personalized, specialized Anaheim SEO plan and people who really know you and your business. We’ve been there. We’ve made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons. Today, we’re thriving. We’d like to share our expertise and experience with you.

Call us (949-429-0605) and experience the difference personalized, local-business-oriented SEO planning can make.

Anaheim Search Engine Optimization

What Really Works When it Comes to SEO?
Or perhaps we should say: what doesn’t work with search engine optimization? Random keywords, a landing page that doesn’t grab and hold customers and appearing on page two—or farther back—in an online search just don’t cut it. Our customers know this. They tried these ideas, and more. Then they found us.

In order for your online business’s Anaheim search engine optimization to be effective, you need to do more than repeat words on pages. You need a strategy that includes a landing page that makes customers want to see more, the right keywords in the right places and up-to-date monitoring of your site.

You Need to Be on Page One. We’ll Get You There
One of the first tenets of successful SEO is: Be among the first URLs to come up on a prospective client’s web search.

We’ve spent the past 15 years honing methods that grow Anaheim-based online businesses. What we found is that targeted Anaheim SEO and an all-points business plan geared toward putting you on page one of an internet search are key.

Get your business to rank at the top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing! and have a stellar site, and you’ve got the winning combination for new and repeat business.

Is Anaheim SEO Worth Your While?
Now this is an easy one to answer: Yes! The statistics on internet sales are solid. Customers spend 40% more when shopping online than in-store.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself when web searching for a product or service. You click on each of the URLs on the first search page, scan the site quickly and hop right back off again if you don’t find what you need fast.

So do your clients. Having a landing page (and subsequent pages) that draw customers in and make that purchase is key to growing your business. Ease of use and accessibility add to this winning formula, getting you bookmarked so repeat business is in your pocket.

Professional search engine optimization is worth your company’s business, time and money – within reason. You don’t want to get fleeced, either. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Anaheim Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management
First, a comment about social media management. Social media is a huge factor in a total SEO package. So be sure you’re bringing customers to you with this powerful tool. Our patent-pending algorithm is a secret to most – but not to our customers.

Contact us and find out now how we can get customers to come to you with this up-to-the-minute resource.

Reputation Management
At the same time, you’ll want to protect your reputation by offering a service that’s reputable and within SEO engine guidelines. And yes, search engines can blacklist you for advertising your presence incorrectly or in a way that’s deemed inappropriate (for instance, it’s too much like spam). You need quality keyword placement and repetition.

Your Solutions Monkey consultant will do the legwork for you by making sure your wording and placement are correct, while bringing in the biggest amount of site hits.

Is For-Hire Anaheim Search Engine Optimization Expensive?
It doesn’t have to be. When hiring an Anaheim SEO consultation company, make sure you’re getting the best deal for the highest-quality work and that there are no hidden fees ready to pop up once you’re hooked.

At Solutions Monkey, we cater your entire SEO experience to you – including your SEO budget. We offer budget SEO packages for growing companies as well as customizable programs to help get you on your way.

A Results-Oriented Game Plan
Your bottom line is our bottom line – and our business reputation. We take your success seriously. We know how to take you to the top. We’re ready to start when you are. Contact us in one of these easy ways for Anaheim Search Engine Optimization.

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