Solutions Monkey is the brainchild of several smart people who reside at the forefront of a new brand on Internet Entrepreneurs.

Our four main core business groups are:
  • Search Engine Optimization Domination – Fully managed SEO service
  • Online Reputation Management – Protecting your online reputation
  • Social Media Marketing – Our newest and most exciting core group for business growth

About Solutions Monkey

We’ve grown up with the Internet and was always fascinated with the power of this new online universe. We easily became Internet gurus before the age of 25, all because of the Internet. We see incredible opportunities now for businesses that are not scared to think outside of the box. This new opportunity has motivated me to start Solutions Monkey, which will help thousands of companies around the world.

While the Internet is used daily to reach people around the world quickly and efficiently, it is not being used to peak efficiency for businesses. Put simply, there are tons of useless information floating around the Internet that, if harnessed correctly will allow you to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

While we could keep such information to ourselves, we also have a passion for sharing such knowledge with others. We have a passion for Internet marketing and teaching individuals and companies the exact things they must do for building a successful business.

We believe we have many chances in life for success; we just have to be alert for the signals and capitalize on those signals. We know we are prime examples of what the inventor Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Our offer to you is simply this; let me share our hard work, experience and knowledge with you to help your company grow and succeed.

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