Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization

Sun, Feb 13, 2011

Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization

Thank you for visiting our Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization page! You’ll find plenty here – including the importance of search engine rankings, keeping customers on your page once they’ve landed, and more.

You’re looking to expand your online presence and increase your business’s bottom line. We’re looking to help Huntington Beach-based businesses thrive. Together, we make the perfect team.

Let’s get started with a little information on how Huntington Beach search engine optimization can make your business perform better than you ever dreamed.

Who We Are – and What We Can Do for You
Solutions Monkey, the brainchild of CEO Brandon Olson, was created as a one-stop solution to legitimately, effectively expand businesses’ search engine rankings. During 15 years of research, trial methods and development, we found that the most important piece of online success is one’s search engine ranking. Choosing and correctly implementing search algorithms will push your business closer to the top of search engines.

It sounds complicated. It’s not – when you have a great Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization expert on your side. We’re that expert. And we’re ready to help you.

But You Already Know All About Huntington Beach SEO. Don’t You?
We have no doubt you’ve done your homework…and tons of legwork. You’ve heard of search engine optimization. It’s highly likely you already implement some SEO techniques and that you keep an eye on your page hits, where they come from, and who’s out there looking for you. At least, when you have the time.

What you may not have extra time for is watchdogging the ever-changing world of search engine rules (such as what constitutes spam and how many “errors” will strike you out and get you blacklisted). Nor is it easy to run a successful business and keep up on the latest SEO methods. And when’s the last time you researched keywords and how the ones you originally posted on your site rank now, in search engines that change all the time?

It’s not about what you know. And it’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter. Delegate the task to an expert Huntington Beach search engine optimization company, and you’ll find you have more free time to grow your business in the ways you enjoy than ever before.

Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization

Why Solutions Monkey is Different
So how do you choose the right SEO organization company for you? Find the one that wants to get to know you – not just your billing information.

There are so many SEO companies out there. We’re different. We’re based in Southern California, just like you. And also like you, we have a vested interest in seeing Huntington Beach companies thrive with personalized, pinpointed search engine optimization. It’s our reputation on the line. We work every day to build your company to the success you’ve always known it could be.

We know Huntington Beach. And we know Huntington Beach SEO. It’s that simple.

Why SEO is More than “Just Words”
Anyone can put a dozen or more keywords on a landing page and hope for the best. In our opinion, that’s like throwing the dice in Vegas. Sure, customers could land on your site based on a bunch of keywords. Or they might not.

Are you willing to wait around to see which it’ll be for your company – site hits or none (and subsequent purchases or not)? Neither were we.
That’s why we developed a proprietary algorithm to bring social media marketing up a notch for our clients.

You don’t need a lot of words thrown together in one place. You don’t need a lot of site hits…and then bounce-backs. What you need is the correct placement of the right words that will draw customers to your site and will keep them there, so they become clients.

You’re in luck. That’s our specialty. Call us now and find out what our clients know that gives them that edge when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization

You’re Not a Cookie Cutter Company. You Need More than a Cookie Cutter Solution.
Our methods have worked well for so many different types of clients and companies that it’s tempting to say we’ve found “the” solution to successful Huntington Beach SEO. But we know better than that.

There is no one solution for every company. Businesses are individual, at different stages of development and with different needs and points of focus.

You are an individual. And you’ll be treated like one.

Working with your dedicated Solutions Monkey SEO expert, you will:

  • Develop a plan to get your company’s web page onto Page 1 of the top-ranking search engines.
  • Change your customers from page “bouncers” to people who stay, and buy.
  • Find the best keywords and change them as keyword rankings change (and they do!).
  • Get the personalized, one-on-one attention you need in order for your business to succeed.
  • Find out upfront what you’re looking at in terms of investment (not hook you and then add on hidden fees as so many SEO companies do).
  • Receive legitimate, legal Irvine search engine optimization solutions (we’ve heard WAY too many stories of clients getting banned from search engines like Google after hiring an SEO company that used no-no practices).
Your success is our success. We’re your partners – every step of the way. You’ll never get lost in the shuffle or be treated like a number. Contact us today and find out what it’s like to have someone as interested in your company’s success as you are. Let’s get started with your Huntington Beach Search Engine Optimization together.

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