Lifestyles of the Rich & Internet Famous

Thu, Jan 27, 2011
Let’s take a look at some Celebrity (well of the Internet Marketing world) homes of our favorite Guru’s. This series is called Lifestyles of the Rich & Internet Famous, so be sure to leave a comment below and tell me who you want to see in the next post. Drum Roll please…
Brad Fallon - Est. Home Value: $1.181M
Brad Fallon Brad Fallon, CEO of Smart Marketing, Inc. is probably best known for using $2,000 start up money and turning it into $32,000,000 in just a few short years. But what kind of pad does Brad live in? Brad is sporting a Single Family House, built in 2004 with an amazing Lot Size of 19,437 sq ft. What’s more amazing than that is Brads Home Size: 6,819 sq ft. Do you have a basketball court in there Brad? I would hope with 6 rooms and 5 bedrooms, he has someone to help clean up around there.
Frank Kern - Est. Home Value: $4.979M
Frank Kern Frank is that lovable surfing Internet Guru who likes to curse on stage (bad boy Frank). Probably one of the better copywriters out there, his copy kicks some serious butt. I have no proof but I think he even had something to do with Andy Jenkins Video Boss sales video (you guy’s want to confirm this?). Frank and the FTC go way back (they love him), he was kind enough to share this lesson with the Internet Marketing community. I almost forgot a little thing called Mass Control, List Control and about every other control that you can think of, except for Bladder Control (maybe in the future?). Frank Kern loves to surf (living the dream that every Southern Californian does, me included), so his house NEEDS to be close to the beach. Frank rocks a Single Family House, built in 1980 with an amazing Lot Size of 15,071 sq ft. What is more amazing than that is his Home Size: 6,367 sq ft (sorry Brad, Frank wins the sq ft war), that much SF next to the beach, you might as well call it a hotel! 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms (Holy smokes, Frank must enjoy him some reading time).
Yanik Silver - Est. Home Value: $1.249M
Yanik Silver Yanik is the classic computer dummy who makes millions on the Internet. According to his website, he has sold over $12,000,000 worth of products since 2000. Like all great minds, he had the classic waking up in the middle of the night to develop an idea (for those of you who know me personally, I tend to do this about 2 times a week, it’s a blessing and a curse). He invested his $1,800 and now regularly sells his MasterMind packages for $20,000! What’s more is they line up to pay him that price. Yanik and his wonderful wife Missy have a Single Family House, with a Lot size of 14,568 sq ft. This amazing home boasts a Lot Size of 15,071 sq ft. What is more amazing than that is the Home Size: 4,004 sq ft. With 5 bathrooms, it makes me wonder how many bedrooms?
I did the best I could to research this data, lots of fancy digging around on government websites. All the data collected within this post is taken off tax records that are all online for everyone to view. Finding this data was not easy, thus the reason I did not want to post their addresses. If by some luck you do actually find their addresses, don’t bother them, send them hate mail or naked photos (unless your hot, joking). If you are listed on this page and want to be removed, I understand your privacy concerns, just call me and I will get you removed.
This post is supposed to inspire everyone to keep working hard on their dreams. If 4 regular guys can pull it off with no special skills, you can too! So who do you want to see on the next post? Leave your comment below…