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It Only Takes One Disgruntled Customer or Employee to Ruin Your Good Name without Orange County Reputation Management

Your business is in danger: More and more customers aren’t taking up their complaints with customer service, managers, or even the corporate office. They are taking their displeasure online, to forums read by millions of users every day.

These users are your customers, would-be customers, clients, or even your personal friends and family — putting not only your reputation at stake, but your entire livelihood as well.

Everybody knows bad news can travel fast, but it’s a million times faster when it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to post a scathing negative review or blog post. Worse than that, how easy is it to post a harsh Facebook message? Or a bitter Twitter update that huge groups of friends share amongst themselves?

The worst part is, it’s impossible to prevent these kinds of bogus negative claims. You can’t stop these kinds of opinions and comments.

The anonymity of the Internet makes it an attractive vehicle for smear campaigns of all kinds. In the face of getting smeared, there’s no guarantee that you can even use legal tactics to get these kinds of posts deleted — most forums have no idea about the real identity of their users, and the forum itself can’t be held responsible.

Sites like flaunt the fact that they never remove negative reviews.

Sure you can post a response, but how many hours in the day do you have to keep up with totally biased, harmful posts online? And wouldn’t that time be better spent running your business and taking care of your customers that depend on you?


Orange County Reputation Management

Most business owners ignore online reputation management, or don’t take action quickly enough when a problem first arises.

Take this real-life situation for example:

David opened a new toy store with his business partner Kevin. The two of them got along great for the first few years and customers built steadily. Unfortunately, their great partnership did not last. Kevin and David parted ways after a disagreement over the direction of the company, and Kevin decided to found his own competing company.

David continued to building his brand, giving great customer service and doing all the right things to take his company to the next level. But instead of getting more customers, he started seeing a drop off in the number of sales. It was gradual at first, but soon it became a sharp decline.

David tried everything to boost revenue – sales, a new toy brand, special incentives – nothing seemed to work. Finally, one regular customer came in and requested a refund for a purchase. Her reason? “I just can’t shop here anymore after reading the online reviews.”

David was stunned. What online reviews? He hadn’t had any complaints. But sure enough, when he checked his site online in the search engines, there was site after site filled with negative reviews about his store: rude customer service, high prices, dangerous toys…the list went on and on.

David didn’t recognize any of the names of the reviewers (when there were names, most of the time they were just screen names). He tried to make amends with these customers he assumed are legitimate but with no luck. And there were just so many of them he didn’t really know where to begin.

But the problems didn’t stop there. One by one, the advertisers and sponsors that David depended on to help promote his store and bring in added revenue decided not to renew their affiliation. Their thinking was they couldn’t be associated with a business that had that many complaints.

Meanwhile, Kevin had quietly launched his competing business, and saw great sales numbers as people who used to shop at David’s store went to his store instead. And those “anonymous” customers complaining over David’s service? They didn’t exist. It was Kevin all along.

* Note: All names have been changed for privacy reasons.

This scenario is all too common. Store owners get accused of bad business practices, poor customer service, shoddy goods, and more.

In the worst cases, people’s morals, honesty, and character are regularly called into question on these “review” boards. With the amount of ways an unhappy person has to slander you, there’s just no way to stem the tide alone.

Here are some examples of the kinds of negative posts and reviews that could kill your business:

Dirty kitchens/bathrooms

Horrible customer service

Bug infestations

Overpriced goods/services

“He/She scammed me”

“Charged my account/card without permission”

The list goes on and on. Any one of these things could take your stellar business reputation and send it spiraling down to the gutter. Fighting these types of bogus negative comments legally can bankrupt your company, and that’s assuming you can find a lawyer willing to take your case.

The longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes until one day you’re closing up shop because the search engines are flooded with negative reviews about your business.


Orange County Reputation Management

It happens all the time:

An angry customer, a disgruntled employee, past professional contacts, or just some random bored stranger who wants to see if they can get a response with being detrimental. Negative commentary is everywhere and your business can be an easy target.

Even if you provide excellent customer service, outstanding products, and world-class leadership, you can still be targeted for negative reviews, blog posts, and more. The only way to prevent this kind of negative information from impacting your sales is to meet it head-on with a comprehensive reputation management solution.

When people search your name, you want the most accurate and positive information to come up first. To do that, you need the type of solution that takes into account the positive aspects of your business. Additionally, you need a professional that understands how to use targeted, positive press that drowns out any naysayers, pushing those negative comments and sites off the top of the rankings.

You might be asking yourself, “When should I start?” The time to start online reputation management should have been the moment you launched your business.

But don’t worry if you’re a bit behind the curve, my team of professional reputation management specialists can still help you get any problems under control. I will get positive reviews of your company back where they belong — at the top of the search listings!

You don’t want to trust your reputation to one of those fly-by-night reputation “repair” agencies. Anyone who promises to fix your negative reviews for $99 doesn’t have a full grasp of how persistent these types of negative reviews can be. Either that or they just want to take your money and run.

Some of my clients have even told horror stories of other reputation management firms that stated one price and billed another, much higher fee. When the clients refused to pay that inflated price, these unscrupulous companies then went to work making their reputation WORSE than when they started!

Bottom line: you always get what you pay for, especially when it comes to keeping your good name.


world class

This is your livelihood. Take care of it. No matter what negative and slanderous posts someone may put online about you or your company, there are always ways to push these negative items into the background.

We can do this for you while promoting the great things about your company that your customers want to hear. It’s a known fact that most Internet users consider the top of the results for a search to be the most reliable.

By putting positive news and information out there and keeping it at the top of the listings, you can easily discredit those who would try to ruin your good reputation. No one is going to pay attention to negative reviews that are on the 10th, 5th, 3rd, or even 2nd page of Google.

Instead, they’ll take note of all the positive press you have for your company and will feel confident when it’s time to buy.

Five Reasons Why You Need Reputation Management Online

Unscrupulous Employees
Maybe they didn’t get the raise they thought they “deserved” or maybe it’s some other imagined slight. Either way, they are posting to try to take the company “down a notch”.

Jealous Competitors
Your competition may be hiring people to pose as unhappy customers, knowing that you’ll take the time out to try to resolve the issue, thus giving your competitors the advantage.

Vindictive Customers
When their attempts to get something for nothing backfire, vindictive customers can lead a “witch hunt” on the offending company with little or no evidence. It leads to a mob mentality of negativity towards your company, increasing the detrimental opinions about your business.

Biased Forums
Some forums have a set agenda. If your business is in conflict with their agenda, expect your business to be targeted and suffer the consequences.

Fake Accounts
Multiple posts by one person, each adding more fake damaging information. The anonymity of the Internet makes it extremely easy for one disgruntled person to act like they are several voices. It’s a recipe for disaster.

These are just a few of the dangers to your good name and the good name of your company. Don’t let your business suffer because of the actions of a few – take control and contact us for an online reputation management consultation today.


A solid reputation management plan is the sign of a serious business.

We offer my services on a very limited basis to those companies that we feel would be a good fit for my techniques. You’ll never be “just another customer” because we work with you from day one to tailor our online reputation management strategy in the ways that will be most beneficial to you.

If you’re ready to take the next step and you’re serious about investing in your business’s success, we invite you to request a confidential consultation either from the contact form OR a phone call.

We’ll set up a time to speak with you personally about the issues currently affecting your business and how best to address them. Every company is unique, and we provide my services on a case-by-case basis for those companies that we feel will most benefit from my unique brand of services.

Don’t wait until you’re losing business before you formulate a plan. Let our company take all the worry out of Orange County Reputation Management so you can focus on taking care of your customers.


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